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Refresher Training

By Online IN Dive Blog

Feb 15, 2021

Been a while since you have gone diving? We strongly recommend that you take a refresher course from The Dive Shop if you have been away from diving for 6 months or more. We can help make that happen – for $50 you will complete online class ins.. Read More

How To Be A Diver Without Getting Wet

By Online IN Dive Blog

Apr 24, 2020

Whether it’s a natural disaster at your dream destination, personal circumstances limiting your travel time, or a global pandemic that’s getting in the way of diving-as-usual, here are 10 ways to stay involved in the scuba community. But .. Read More

Misadventures to Yap

By Online IN Dive Blog

Apr 19, 2020

Where’s Yap? Think of the South Pacific, about a 2 hour flight from Guam (south and west). Why Yap? If you want to see mantas, mandarinfish, sharks, stone money  and so much more, Yap is the place! … and that was the plan! Unfortuna.. Read More

Where is the BEST Place to Dive?

By Online IN Dive Blog

Apr 19, 2019

Choosing Your Dive Adventure Where is the best place to dive? That question is closely related to the other BIG question – – Where is your favorite place do dive? … and the answer is a very unsatisfying…. It depends! What ki.. Read More